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Twitter is dragging Ben Simmons for reportedly announcing he no longer wants to play for the Philadelphia 76ers and he will not show up for training camp.

Simmons was the #1 pick by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2016 draft, he is a 3x NBA All-Star (2019-2021), and a former NBA steals leader (2020).

He’s definitely not a scrub, but after being publicly scrutinized this past season for not shooting the ball in key moments in an elimination playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks, the writing was on the wall.

After the playoff loss, first year 76ers coach Doc Rivers and superstar center Joel Embiid both implied that Simmons future with the team was uncertain in their post game pressers.

It’s understandable why Ben Simmons wants to leave Philly, but the streets of Twitter can be very cruel.

Scoop the tweets below:

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