Ts Madison has the streets of Twitter in shambles after she read Tasha K down like she was at a Scholastic Book Fair.

I previously reported Maddie, who is a transgender TV personality, actress, and LGBTQIA+ activist, clashed with Jess Hilarious over her response to a video of a trans woman saying “cis” women aren’t the gatekeepers of periods and womanhood.

Tasha K joined the convo in defense of Jess Hilarious and dragged Ts Madison.

This was a tad surprising considering the fact that Ts and Tasha were cool.

So much so that Maddie even invited Tasha K to her Fox Soul show, “Turnt Out,” and gave her a platform to talk about her lawsuit with Cardi B.

But, that didn’t stop Tasha K from going in Ts Madison in her latest YouTube live show.

In a clip posted on Instagram, Tasha said:

Ts Madison pissed me off.

When people show you who they are you believe them.

The only thing foundational about Ts Madison is her excellent foundation that she wears on her face to try to compete with us. 

But, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Tasha went on to say that she never sees Maddie standing up for the disrespect that Black women go through.

She also accused her of “getting other people to do her dirty work.”

Watch the clip below.

One of Tasha K’s commenters warned her, “Maddie Bout to EatChoA** Up.”

Tasha K commenter

And just like clockwork, Ts Madison didn’t hold back when she unleashed her fury on Tasha K.

I can’t even transcribe this for y’all if I wanted to! WHEW!

Watch below.

Peep a few tweets below.

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