The streets of social media are a bloody mess! Jess Hilarious has been trending for two days after clashing with Ts Madison and Angelica Ross for her response to a video of a trans woman saying “cis” women “don’t own” periods or womanhood.

In the viral clip, TikToker Blessing Rose said:

When the transphobia just comes out, the audacity, and just the arrogance for cis women to believe that they own periods.

That they own womanhood. You don’t.

You don’t own periods. You don’t own womanhood.

You experience both, and both are different for every person.

But, as a cis woman, it doesn’t belong to you, so you can’t gate-keep it.

A seemingly frustrated Jess Hilarious took to Instagram to respond to the video and wrote in her caption:

Who tf stands up for US? Wtf you mean we don’t own WOMANHOOD AND MENSTRATION!

Y’all couldn’t bleed if y’all tried!

In her video, comedian and actress said:

Who the f**k is gonna stand up for US? Who the f**k stands up for US?

And US, I mean women, real women, biological women, women who born with all the parts that you guys wish that you were.

When does the delusion stop?

What is the difference between you and someone who has been diagnosed to be mentally insane?

The only difference is you don’t have a straitjacket on.

Stop talking out your f**king a**. Wake up!

How are you projecting your anger on real women, because we are the gate-keepers.

We are the gate-keepers for periods.

We’re the only ones that f**king bleed, honey.

We’re the only ones that can give birth. We make y’all people. We make y’all.

Y’all come from US. You can’t be US, you will never.

You’re chasing something you’ll never ever get You’ll never be that.

See Jess Hilarious’ original post and video below.

While some agreed with Jess…some didn’t.

It didn’t take long before transgender TV personality, actress, and LGBTQIA+ activist Ts Madison entered the conversation.

She took to Twitter writing:

There are sooooo many “Real” women that get mistaken for being “transgender” Women and that’s where a lot of the anger comes from….

I do hope they take a Good look at how Transphobia affects ALL women……

See her original tweet below.

Jess took to her Instagram Story and posted, “You da last one that needs to be f**kin playing wit me…keep that phony s**t over there.”

She added, “I swear…n***as in any form switch up like a MF.”

Jess Hilarious-Ts Madison

Ts Madison later confirmed her subliminal tweet was indeed about Jess Hilarious.

She posted a video of Jess recalling a time when she was mistaken for a trans woman.

In the caption of the post, Maddie wrote:

Let me make one thing clear……

I have stood up for and fought tooth and nail for BLACK WOMEN…. I have put a lot of BLACK WOMEN On used my platform to uplift black women as well as let it be known that I AM NOT A FEMALE but i am a black Trans women…so I’m addressing this as such let me put a @ on it…..

@jesshilarious_official I have never disrespected you nor came at u publicly when you said side ways s**t i didn’t like, i inboxed you….

Your mouth don’t put no fear in my heart cause you not the only b**ch that can put a read on the floor!

So if it’s up then it’s up! But as a grown individual i don’t wanna go that route cause that’s not gone solve nun!

BUT WE CAN I’m alllll day wit it‼️ now I posted what i said because of what came out of YOUR Own experiences!….

Everytime Trans women and “Real” Women unite on some good s**t you nor the blogs ever posting or talkin bout it, the moment one individual offends you yall automatically group us all in the mix!

I clearly know that only FEMALES have periods and uteruses and have never stood on the side of the majority!

But what you not gone do is make it seem like you gone press down on me and call me phony!

See Ts Madison’s original post below.

Ts Madison also shared a clip from her interview with Amanda Seales where she addressed misconceptions about herself.

Pose” star Angelica Ross joined the convo as well.

She took to Twitter to post a meme of Jess Hilarious and tweeted:

The trans girls are going to show Jess a new way to bleed.

We call it reading for BLOOD. And I PROMISE you girls don’t want no part of this.

I been trying to keep the gurls calm but it’s only so much I can do 😂

See the original tweet below.

When Jess Hilarious saw Angelica’s tweet, she slid into her DMs writing:

Still couldn’t produce if you tried homie Andrew!

A new way to bleed huh?

A lot of Y’all get more and more stupid by the F**KIN days! ‘

The gag is…WE GOT IT! & you’re 🎶 Never gonna get it Never gonna get it 🎶

Angelica Ross posted a screenshot of the DM on Twitter.

Angelica also retweeted a screenshot of Ts Madison clapping back at someone who got spicy with her.

Angelica Ross also publicly criticized stand-up comedian and TV personality Flame Monroe and accused her of “joining forces with transphobic people.”

It’s always an issue when the trans girls get a lick in. Now we want everybody to calm down 😂

Flame was ICONIC for getting a lick in for the girls on Comic View on BET when Sheryl Underwood was hosting.

She simultaneously revealed how transphobia hurts all women.

Flame received huge blowback from that and I think it hurt her career.

So what does she do?

She learns not to make transphobic jokes at cis women but to use the old comedic skill of self-deprecation to get laughs.

This is what internalized transphobia looks like.

And then she joined forces with transphobic people to champion their right to be transphobic.

We have been and still are let down by Flame.

Because we remember the good old days when we were laughing with her not at her.

See Angelica’s original tweets below.

Meanwhile… the streets of social media are in shambles!

Trans women and cis women are going at it over periods and womanhood.

Jess Hilarious has been trending for two days as some agree with her and others label her transphobic.

Peep a few tweets below.


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