Tasha K Speaks Out On Cardi B Lawsuit With TS Madison

Tasha K said that she is “excited” that Cardi B‘s lawsuit played out the way it did on “Turnt Out” with Ts Madison.

The popular and controversial vlogger admitted not removing the videos of Cardi was all “worth it.”

In every situation, there’s a lesson.

Tasha revealed that when the case was filed she was dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and she did take the Cardi B videos down because she didn’t want any extra stress.

But, her husband heard about what happened while he was in the Dominican Republic, and he told her to put the videos back up.

When I was pregnant, and the case was filed… I said, you know what?…

If she want the videos down I’ll take them down, if it’s that bad.

Because I had a high-risk pregnancy, and I didn’t want any extra stress, you know what I’m saying?

But, my husband he was in the DR enjoying his time, and he said, you know, he heard about what happened.

He said, ‘No, put the videos back up’ because I did take them down, and we just going to find some lawyers, and we did that.

And so my support system has always been amazing, strong,  supportive, and guess what…

You know, when you go through things like this it’s life, you know what I’m saying?

In life your going to have… You know, you’re going to fail.

And so when you fail is it necessarily you failing if I’m better at what I’m dong?

Because this made me better.

 Imagine if I was bigger the number would have been bigger, you understand what I’m saying?

So, yeah I’m excited, when I tell you, and I say that humbly.

I am excited that this happened the way that it did.

In the interview, Tasha shut down rumors that she was paid by Nicki Minaj to talk about Cardi B.

According to Tasha K, when the court transcripts come out the truth will be revealed.

She also stated that the appellate court has not ruled on the $4 million judgment yet.

Watch the video below:

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