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Tina Lawson Shares An Appreciation Post For Daughter Beyoncé

Tina Lawson

Tina Lawson is truly a Proud Mama Hall of Famer!

She took to social media on Monday to share an appreciation post for Beyoncé.

In the post on her Instagram page, Mama Tina gushed about all of the hard work her daughter put in over the past two years while working on her new album, Renaissance.

“Beyoncé works harder than any human being I know,” she wrote.

Then, like the true mama bear that she is, Tina Lawson also got some bars off that seemingly addressed all of the drama from Kelis, Khia, Diane Warren, and Monica Lewinsky.

Tina wrote, “She minds her own business and does not speak badly of anyone, never puts anyone down, is always loyal and kind.”

“Takes care of her business…don’t mess with nobody,” she added.

Then, there was the controversy over an ableist slur in “Heated,” which Beyoncé promptly removed.

Mama Tina wrote on Instagram:

I’ve watched for over two years all of the constant hard work, the sacrifice sometimes of time with her family, the all-night sessions, working while sick, weekends and then nurturing three kids, time away from a very supportive husband, the Blood sweat and tears, I say that to say Beyonce works harder than any human being I know and deserves and earns everything she gets! Absolutely nothing is handed to her. She minds her own business and does not speak badly of anyone, never puts anyone down, Is always loyal and kind. Takes care of her business don’t mess with nobody. So I am proud of you!!!! Kudos Baby girl enjoy your rewards you have earned it and then some! #rogerfriedman journalist ??

See Mama T’s original post below.

Congratulations to Beyoncé on Renaissance becoming her seventh no. 1 album.

Have you listened to the album? If so, what are your favorite tracks on Renaissance?

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