Kandi And Tiny Respond To DVSN With ‘If U Get Caught’ (Video)

kandi and Tiny - If U Get Caught

Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris have teamed up to represent for the ladies with “If U Get Caught.”

The single is a rebuttal to “If I Get Caught,” the super toxic and controversial single from DVSN.

On the hook, DVSN sings, “If I get caught cheatin that don’t mean I don’t love you.”

Watch the official music video below.

Kandi took to social media writing, “Ladies, we couldn’t let #dvsn get away with that toxic ass song #IfIGotCaught! So me & @majorgirl had to pull out our pen & represent for the ladies!”

In the song, Kandi sings:

All this division that you’re disrespecting women
How you want us to share
When you ain’t got enough d**k to spare
I’m a rich b**ch with a real savage side
I can flip this with the quickness
Have another n***a inside

Watch the official music video for “If U Get Caught” below.

Do you feel like Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris held it down for the ladies?

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