Mary J. Blige: ‘I Took My Hell & Turned It Into Someone Else’s Heaven’

Mary J. Blige recently shared on the “Sherri” show the inspiration behind her song, “Good Morning Gorgeous,” and how her manifesting self-love has her living her best life.

I was married, and I was not satisfying to the person.

Everything was this person is better than you, this person’s smarter than you, this person’s prettier than you, this person’s more talented than you.

So I actually started to believe it, you know, during the 16 years of the marriage. 

But, what the person didn’t realize is who I was and where I came from. I have a strength that he couldn’t see. So I began to speak…

I was watching TD Jakes one day, and he said, ‘What you say about you is more important and effective than anything that anyone else could say about you.’

And that thing just took life… And I began to, in my morning prayer life, I began to confess ‘Good morning gorgeous, good morning beautiful, good morning, I love you Mary, I got you, God loves you,’ and it began to manifest in my heart not so much like, you know, I’m Apollonia or Halle Berry or some sh*t!…

It began to manifest threw me, from my heart, out into my outsides, and then my life began to be beautiful, and, you know, when I filed for divorce, and I got out of it everything just started…

I mean, it was like the sky opened up because I spoke positivity over myself.

As the interview continued, Sherri highlighted all the wonderful things Mary has going on in her life now, including her new BET show, “The Wine Down,” her role in “Power Book II: Ghost” her “Strength of a Woman Festival”, and her new children’s book, titled, “Mary Can.”

Mary said the inspiration for her children’s book also came from a person in her past that was constantly belittling her.

It’s called Mary Can, and it’s inspired from a very heavy part of my life when this person was telling me that I couldn’t, and I can’t, and I’m not, and everybody was better.

So what I did was I took my hell and turned it into someone else’s heaven by inspiring some little girl to, you know, feel good about herself, and know that she could do… little girl or little boy, you could do whatever you put your heart to, and it’s such a beautiful book…

I’m really proud of it because it came from a real place in my life.

Watch the Mary J. Blige interview from the “Sherri” show below:

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