Teyana Taylor Tells The ‘Very Moment’ That Her Husband Fell In Love With Her
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Teyana Taylor recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote her new movie, A Thousand and One, and she revealed the “very moment” her husband Iman Shumpert fell in love with her.

Teyana said she was playing in a celebrity basketball game during Luda Day Weekend in Atlanta.

She said she was defending Justin Bieber, and Iman admired her defense and started asking people who she was.

…That was the very picture and the very moment that my husband fell in love with me.

He was like, ‘Who is that girl?… Her defense is on point!’

You know he was a defensive player, so, you know, my… defense was on point!

And, you know, he fell in love with the kid.

Teyana said even though he was feeling her that day, he didn’t get her that day because it took her about three years to finally give in.

I was actually in a relationship at the time, and I remember, um, so he seen me earlier that day, this is Luda Day Weekend, and later on that day I had put on a little dress, some heels, and, you know,  I couldn’t even walk in heels so I whined up just sitting on a bar chilling because my feet were hurting.

And, um, he walked up to me, and he was like, ‘You should F with me!… You need me in your life.’

I said, ‘I said boy you is dong too much, calm down, back up!’

So from that day, I was like a little bit scared of him. I was like, he got a lot going on, but he was a rookie, he had just got drafted, so you know he was feeling it. He had on a V-neck, he hates V-necks, I hate em too.

But, yeah, since then he just kept like, you know, kind of trying and trying and trying… 

And then later on down the line I was dealing with a breakup, and he was dealing with a breakup. And he had got injured, and, um, you know, we just kind of became friends.

And he became okay with the fact, you know I’m probably never gonna get that so I’m just going to settle for friends.

But, there is always a but you guys!

I had a styling company, and I wanted to shoot him.

And he was like my first client. He gave me my first chance or whatever.

And it was just like this one time where he had to take off his shirt… Girl!…

So, you know, remember, he was just my friend, and my assistant and stylist was like, ‘Oh girl he cute, I see that for y’all, y’all little chemistry…

I said, ‘ah uh that’s just my friend’… Baby!…

He took off that shirt, and I was just… I had to clutch my pearls.

I was like… you know, and I started looking at him completely different. Of course I already loved him as a friend and his personality, but when I seen the ody I was just like…

You know let’s maybe like revisit… Remember when I was guarding Justin Bieber?… You remember that day, yeah!… 

And we just kind of like reminisce, and honestly, we just… we fell in love.

He’s amazing!”

Watch the clip of the Teyana Taylor interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below:

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