Tank Asks Tyrese Gibson, ‘Why Did You Break Up TGT?’

Tyrese recently appeared on the “R&B Money” podcast, and Tank asked him why he broke up their group TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, & Tank).

Watch TGT’s “I Need” video from 2014 below:

Tyrese seemed to be caught off guard by the question because Tank gift-wrapped it in compliments before he delivered it.

Tank, realizing the question was loaded and unfair, redirected it by talking about the group’s percentage splits at the Atlantic office after their deal was done.

Once Tyrese regrouped, he responded:

First of all I have to defend myself because we ain’t finna be out here crazy, alright…

Without even getting into no numbers because that ain’t nobody’s business.

What the conversation was because I don’t do shows that often, concerts that often, when I finally do shows, rather I drop every year or every five or six years, I’m able to demand a certain number.

And so Tank was getting his number, G was getting his number, now if music was the only thing that I did then all of our numbers would probably look the same because there is no such thing as paying your bills and feeding your family without doing concerts when you’re an artist.

So everything about me doing movies became an accidental blessing, right, because I’m doing these movies, I’m getting this money over here so I don’t gotta do 50, 60, 70 shows a year, as far as concerts.

So when I do my shows I’m able to get the number that I feel like I deserve.

And so, the conversation was TGT, Genuine, Tank, Tyrese, how do we split it three ways?…

And for me, that just didn’t work for me at the time, and so as we either signed the deal or was about to sign the deal I just had to put that on the table, and say this is where I’m at with it, and that was it.

Tank also brought up the fact that he is the music man and he and J. Valentine, who is the co-host of the “R&B Money Podcast” produce music, but instead of them producing the music for TGT, Tyrese suggested they have a boot camp and call 1,000 producers and writers to work on the album.

So they went with Tyrese’s R&B boot camp idea, and the sessions were all over the place.

Tyrese said he was challenging to work with at that time because he started moving as a man who knows his value and self-worth instead of settling for whatever their offering without demanding or bottom-lining the number he feels he deserves.

Tank said that he loves that Tyrese knows his self-worth and refuses to let anybody move his needle, but coming from a friend, a bottom line in business, made him feel like he was not just negotiating against him, but he was trying to stand above him.

I love that you have a bottom line. I love that your self-worth Is on… You cannot move my needle, impossible!…

I think there comes a time where… because for me, you’re my friend.

And so a bottom line in business starts to feel like you’re not just negotiating against me but trying to make sure you’re standing above me.

Tyrese questioned Tank, “That’s how it felt?…” after Tank confirmed, Tyrese immediately apologized. 

Watch the clip of the Tyrese interview from the “R&B Money Podcast” below:

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