Tyler the Creator’s new album, Call Me If You Get Lost, came out on Friday (June 25), and on the song, “Manifesto,” Tyler admitted to crushing on Justin Bieber back in the day.

In the song Tyler the Creator raps, “Back when I was tryna f*** Bieber, Just-in.”

Listen to the song below:

Back in 2011, Tyler tweeted his reaction to finding out Justin was dating Selena Gomez.

Tyler and Justin Bieber use to hang out back in the day, and Tyler has admitted that he felt Selena didn’t like him because she was always “mean-mugging” when he was around Justin.

It appears that Tyler is apologizing to Selena for his behavior back then in his new song “Manifesto.”

Tyler is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and he makes it known on his new album that he is into males and females.

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Source: TMZ