teddy riley altercation with soulja boy

Teddy Riley recently appeared on VLADTV and revealed he had an altercation with Soulja Boy, and he’s looking for an apology for what he’s done to his daughter.

Vlad asked Teddy how the rumors of Soulja Boy kicking his daughter Nia Riley in the stomach while she was pregnant and putting a gun to her head affected him as a father.

Teddy responded:

Well, let me say this… Soulja Boy knows who I am… and he knows I’m deep.

He knows I’m very deep.

We had an altercation. I was called a lot of names, and I got a apology.

I’m looking for an apology for what he’s done to my daughter.

I’m looking for that, as a man… I’m looking for that.

And I think she deserves it, you know…

Not even me, because here is someone who really stuck behind him.

Did the show for him, you know, cause she thought this was going to happen, and then it was going to be them.

I watched them live together, and I didn’t know all that was going on.

So I think if he was to be a man, a true man, which you rarely find a lot of them out there, who are able to really become a man and have a heart to say something as… that equals to an apology.

To make it right, if you don’t you reap what you sow.

Teddy said he has nine children and the one thing that he would never do is fight a woman, he would walk away first because women are our Earth.

I’ve been in relationships, I have nine children, and one thing I will never do is fight a woman, ever!

The one thing that will hurt them the most is me walking away, and that’s what I did.

I’ll walk away. Woman are our Earth, but I don’t think a lot of people, you know, take that seriously.

Women are our Earth, and when we abuse them, we just abuse a bunch of beautiful children, and we abuse someone that could be later… could help you.

We need our Earth. I don’t care what anybody say, but I just feel like it’s wrong and I hope that he make it right or you reap what you sow.

Teddy said he feels guys that hit women are cowards, and the best thing to do is to walk away because if that woman loves that man she going to be trailing right behind him.

Then he emphatically stated that his daughter loved Soulja Boy, and Vlad asked about her getting Soulja Boy’s name tatted on her neck.

Teddy responded:

I ain’t see that sh*t!

But, imma tell you this, if I was her I would be lasering that off.

Because there’s no way, and I’ve been in a relationship where I tried that, and it got covered quick.

I can’t be with a woman if the family don’t have a love for me, and the family was prejudice.

So I was in a situation, but I never ever put my hands on anybody, ain’t gonna be none of that.

I walk quick, fast, and in a hurry, and if she truly loved me she’ll make it right.

Watch the video clip of Teddy Riley on VLADTV below:

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