Soulja Boy is deep in his feelings after Kanye West left his verse off of “Remote Control,” which is featured on his new album, DONDA.

According to Big Soulja, he has no idea why his verse was dropped.

Soulja took to Twitter on Sunday (August 30) to vent.

That ni**a Kanye weird af. 

Idk how to feel, Kanye sent me that song “remote control” and I don’t hear my verse on it…hmm f**k that ni**a.”

Soulja also pulled receipts via text messages from Ye in July saying he wanted to work with him on music and fashion.

Oh, but the Draco didn’t stop there.

He gave fans a preview of the verse that Ye left on the cutting room floor.

Then, Soulja Boy continued to lash out at Kanye West in a series of tweets.

Don’t call phone no more weird ass ni**a that’s why Kim left yo bipolar ASS @kanyewest

That nigga Kanye so pu**y. Lame ass ni**a thought he could be the president sit yo goofy ass down somewhere that’s why Hov don’t f**k u weirdo.

Go have another rant pu**y ass ni**a u need help 

@kanyewest you ain’t have to call me in the first place who the fuk u think u is ni**a?

On God. You a b**ch @kanyewest and if u got a problem with what im saying I’ll knock u out my ni**a

Rick n Morty > Donda album

B**ch ass ni**a @kanyewest

How u get so lame? @kanyewest

Call me @KimKardashian

He did this same sh*t on Robocop  when Amber Rose was in the studio years ago. I hate working with this dude. He needs help seriously.

If he didn’t like the verse he should of said that don’t text me acting like u f**k wit it then secretly take it off. What kind of sh*t is that I was working on my album too I don’t got time for this sh*t.

Perhaps someone reminded Ye of this gem from 2019 of Soulja Boy trashing him.

This album rollout has truly left a lot of folks with 808 and heartbreaks!