Attorney For Yarini Rios Gonzalez, Who Suffered Serious Injuries From Being Handcuffed In A Cop Car On Train Tracks, Speaks Out

Yarini Rios Gonzalez was seriously injured when police handcuffed her inside of a cop car on railroad tracks, and a train came and hit the car. 

Yarini miraculously survived the accident, and her attorney is speaking out.

It’s incredibly dangerous to park on train tracks that should have just never happened.

She woke up in the hospital. She has a fractured tibia, a broken arm, she had nine broken ribs.

The edited 8-minute video released by police starts at 7:49 at night.

The police pulled Yarini over for an alleged road-rage incident.

They stopped her and left their police cruiser on the train tracks.

7:51 PM

Police ordered Yarini out of her vehicle with guns drawn.

7:52 PM

Police handcuff Yarini.

She questions the officer about where they are taking her, and they put her in the back of the police cruiser parked on the train tracks.

While Yarini is waiting in the back of the police cruiser handcuffed, the officers search her vehicle, and the train can be heard approaching.

The train horn catches one officer’s attention, and he looks back, runs, and yells, “STAY BACK!”

The train hits the cruiser at a high rate of speed, with Yarini still handcuffed inside.

The officers then call for help and rush to the car.

Yarini’s attorney said she heard the train’s horn and whistle and tried to get the officer’s attention.

She noticed the train horn and the train whistle and started to struggle.

She tried frantically to get the officer’s attention.

Yarini’s lawyer said the police are responsible for the safety of a person they take into custody.

When police take someone… we call it into custody, it’s your charge to make sure that they’re safe, and they failed.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations is looking into the actions of the police.

One Platteville Police Department officer is on administrative leave.

Reportedly, Yarini is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

Watch the “GMA” report below (Warning: The crash video is hard to watch.):

We send our prayers and get well wishes to Yarini Rios Gonzalez.