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Tamar Braxton, Chrisean Rock, and Toni Braxton

Tamar Braxton took to Twitter on New Year’s Day to address something we thought we left in 2024. 

The singer and reality TV personality was disgusted after someone leaked a video of Chrisean Rock walking into her dressing room and crashing her pre-performance prayer circle.

Toni Braxton, who was also a part of the prayer circle, was visibly taken aback.

When Chrisean tried to grab Toni’s hand, the R&B diva kept it behind her back.

The video was taken on the same night of Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War Tour where Chrisean allegedly assaulted James Wright Chanel and damaged his teeth. 

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Watch the leaked video below.

Tamar took to Twitter and she was hot as fish grease when she wrote: 

I wasn’t going to say anything because I think that at this point y’all are going to believe whatever you want. And ALL the events that happened was unfortunate.

But what is truly DISGUSTING is that my dressing room and prayer is a sacred place and whomever released that can go straight to hell.

See her original tweet below. 

This clip has also sparked a secondary conversation about whether or not Toni Braxton was wrong for the way she reacted to Chrisean Rock joining their prayer circle. 

One person tweeted, “Some of y’all saying Toni Braxton was wrong in how she reacted to Chrisean. First of all, Chrisean should’ve STAYED where she was and STILL receive the prayer. She had no business interrupting the prayer just to go in between Tamar & Toni. Y’all not gonna judge legend Braxton now.”

Someone else commented on the leaked video writing, “Sum about a MF putting their hand behind their back so you can’t join in a prayer is NASTY SPIRITED AS F—, & said WAYYYYY more about Toni in this situation. And this was before it even got rowdy rowdy. HOW YOU TOO GOOD TO FELLOWSHIP?

See a few more Twitter reactions below. 


Do you think Toni Braxton was wrong for her reaction to Chrisean Rock interrupting Tamar’s prayer circle?

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