Monica Denise Brown via Instagram

Fans have taken to social media to uplift Monica in prayer after the R&B singer reportedly passed out at her concert in Houston over the weekend.

Video from the concert that surfaced online seemingly shows the singer being carried away by her crew after she passed out near the stairs by the stage.

Social media reporters say Monica came out later than scheduled at 10:35 and “something seemed off” about her performance. 

Another concertgoer stated the venue was extremely hot. 

Either way, the situation was very concerning considering Monica has been hospitalized in the past for high blood pressure, endometriosis, and a mitral valve prolapse, a heart condition she was diagnosed with at the age of 18.

In simple terms, the flap between the upper and lower chambers of her heart does not close properly.

During a 2016 interview with the Huffington Post, the singer recalled passing out during a Washington, D.C. show while performing her timeless classic, “Angel of Mine.”

Everything in front of me basically began to go from color to black-and-white, fading in and out,” she said.

I walked to the side of the stage to ask for help and collapsed into one of our staff people’s arms.”

Monica was hospitalized for nearly a month while doctors tried to determine what caused the incident.

The singer’s team has not released a statement or an update about the most recent incident in Houston.

In the meantime, please keep Monica uplifted in prayer.

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