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Tamar Braxton took to YouTube and laid it all on the table after someone leaked a video of Chrisean Rock interrupting her dressing room prayer circle and Toni Braxton received backlash for her reaction.

In the clip, Toni appeared to be startled and flabbergasted by Chrisean’s intrusion.

But, the R&B diva is coming under fire for seemingly refusing to hold Chrisean’s hand.

Tamar took to Twitter and went off!

I’m OVER it!! Coming for my sister who has lupus and don’t even really come outside was the line for me.
This is so traumatic.
Having to relive that night because some greedy person wanted to sell footage.
Well now I have the ALL the footage y’all been waiting on.
God don’t like ugly. It’s all on my YouTube.
I’m Never EVER discussing this again Goodnight

See Tamar Braxton’s original tweet below.

As promised, Tamar released a YouTube video where she defended her sister for her reaction to Chrisean and stated that the leaked video from her dressing room was sold to TMZ for $5,000.

Tamar Braxton also released footage of James Wright Chanel‘s injuries after he was [allegedly] assaulted by Chrisean Rock.

Now, that Tamar Braxton has presented all of the evidence to the court of public opinion – can we close this case and actually start living and enjoying 2024?

Tamar Braxton Twitter Reactions

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