T.I. saved a man's life with weed - expeditiously- al harrington - ice cream convos

T.I. recently shared how he saved a man’s life with weed.

While discussing the benefits of cannabis with Al Harrington on his “expediTIously” podcast, the multifaceted rapper recalled the time he was in Miami and encountered a suicidal man.

T.I. said the man had attempted to jump off of a balcony, but landed on an awning. 

That’s when Tip and his friend, Phil, approached the man, offered him some weed, and ultimately convinced him to let them call someone who could help him. 

Watch T.I.’s story time below.

In this episode of “expediTIously,” Tip is joined by NBA veteran turned cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington.

After 16 years in the NBA, Harrington founded his company Viola Cannabis. 

He talks about his decision to cultivate and manufacture extracts from the ground up. 

Plus T.I. and Al discuss the lack of diversity in the cannabis industry and he talks about his mission of social equity and empowerment through his recently launched charity, Viola Cares.

Watch the full episode below.

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