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Jaleel White Joins The Cannabis Industry & Uncle Snoop Dogg Endorses ‘Purple Urkle’

Jaleel White will be launching his own cannabis brand in California on 4/20, and he got a huge endorsement from the cannabis guru Uncle Snoop Dogg.

Watch the video below:

Jaleel White partnered with 710 Labs on his new line itsPurpl, which includes variants of the strain Purple Urkle.

White said he decided to join the cannabis industry after 20 years of hearing about his “Family Matters” character Urkel being displayed on cannabis products.

From the itspurpl.com website:

For over 20 years, friends and family have sent me photos of my TV character self plastered across a wide range of cannabis products.

The best part: everyone always thinks they’re the first…“Dude have you seen this? You have your own weed!”

From eighth jars to rolling trays to rap song mentions, Purple Urkle and I have lived apart like fraternal twins separated at birth.

White said he hopes to debunk stereotypes associated with cannabis and celebrate its medical breakthroughs.

Burrowing my way into an industry not known for diversity or inclusion has been both challenging and rewarding.

Who would’ve thought Jaleel White, Urkel, would be selling cannabis?

Source: CNN

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