Toya Johnson - DJ Akademiks - Reginae Carter-Ice Cream Convos

Toya Johnson took to the streets of social media with a stern and very clear message for DJ Akademiks, “Keep my daughter name out your mouth.”

DJ Akademiks is quickly becoming one of the most irritating, loose-lipped, and reckless men in media.

In a recent YouTube video, Akademiks decided to share his unsolicited thoughts on Reginae Carter’s dating life. 

The 23-year-old daughter of Toya Johnson and Lil Wayne was previously romantically linked to YNF Lucci, who is now in jail in connection to a murder case.

Reginae is now romantically linked to YouTuber A’rmon Warren and the two seem very happy together.

DJ Akademiks referred to Reginae as a “b**ch” as he talked about how “they love a hood n***a until he’s facing 25 to life.” 

“Everything was all good with them until she realized that n***a caught a RICO.”

Akademiks went on to say Reginae “downgraded” from Lucci and got with someone who is the “opposite of gangsta.”

He also noted that A’rmon “looks more feminine than her.”

Watch the video below. 

Toya Johnson took to Instagram on Saturday morning with a message for Akademiks. 

She posted, “@akademiks I can’t stand men that do b**ch sh*t. Keep my daughter name out your mouth. Clout chasing is at an all time high. Let her live her 23 yr old life. Worry about you and yours. Thanks”

Toya also added, “I hate when I let people take me out my character but one thing about it I don’t play about my kids. @akademiks stop playing with my child. You too grown to be worrying about what a 23 yr old doing. Calling her a b**ch and all that other sh*t is not cool. You men are worst than females and this shit is getting out of hand.”

See Toya’s original post below.

Rapper Trina also reacted to Akademiks’ latest violation writing, “Omgeeeeee I want to curse his ass out !!!!! He need to be checked. Period. This has to stop NOW!!! ?:

Trina reacts to DJ Akademiks comments about Reginae Carter

DJ Akademiks’ remarks about Reginae Carter come on the heels of him getting checked by LL Cool J for calling Hip Hop pioneers “dusty.”

Folks are talking and it appears Akademiks got the attention he craves, but at what cost.

Peep a few Twitter reactions and videos below.

Akademiks is proof that anyone can have a platform, but everyone doesn’t deserve one.

What are your thoughts on his remarks about Reginae and the way Toya handled it?

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