Swae Lee was performing at Vendome Nightclub in Miami Monday night, and he told the crowd that Coronavirus is “officially over” because we back outside.

Now I’m going to assume that this young millennial rapper meant that due to the vaccination many people feel comfortable going outside and enjoying the activities and events that they enjoyed pre-COVID.

Upon hearing Swae Lee’s rationale, the crowd seemed a bit confused by his medical prognosis and he sensed it and quickly transitioned into performing the hit song “Black Beatles.”

Watch the video below:

Hopefully, Swae Lee doesn’t contract the virus because I’ve seen many cases where the Rona Monster has come after his doubters.

Florida COVID cases are on the rise, they’re #5 across the nation with the quickest spread rate, and majority of Floridians don’t believe in wearing masks.

My family and I recently vacationed in Florida, and we were getting strange looks for wearing our masks.

Stay safe out there, even if you are vaccinated, because despite what Swae Lee out here preaching the Coronavirus is not over.

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ