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Al B. Sure wants the public to know his peculiarly timed cryptic message on social media was not about Diddy

After the music mogul settled the explosive lawsuit filed against him by his ex-girlfriend, Cassie, Al B. took to his Instagram Story writing:

Kind of, almost something like this… I do agree my expectations about you were driven strictly from my optimistic view of you, hoping your grimy ways would dissipate with age and or the current state of affairs that will eventually expose that you were on the payroll and secretly part of the shenanigans.

Undo the puzzle. When being on payroll and doing me in was your sudden come up…wait for it.

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Al B. Sure Instagram Story post

Apparently, all eyes were on Al B. Sure (and he knew it) in the wake of the Diddy lawsuit especially after the “Nite and Day” singer declared Kim Porter was murdered after her sudden death in 2018.

In a follow-up post, Al B., who is still on the road to recovery after suffering liver failure and undergoing transplant surgery, noted that his cryptic post was about someone close to him who betrayed him. 

I don’t comment, speak on nor concern myself with court cases,” he wrote. 

Read Al B. Sure’s full post below. 

Kings and Queens, I trust all is well and hope you’re having an amazing Sunday. Thank you to all of the major media outlets and platforms who have reached out to speak with me regarding my recovery and healing process.

Let’s take a moment and re-read the story about the individual “being on a payroll!” I posted a story this morning about someone close to me that I trusted like family, come to find out I walk with their flag daily & they were grimy on many levels while I went down and was hospitalized and they’ve bn questionably riding the fence throughout the entire attempts on my existence.

So to update your blogs and fictional narratives FYI: I don’t comment, speak on nor concern myself with court cases, the ensuing results or another man or woman’s business thats not my own, no matter how closely associated my artistic posts may reflect real life.

As you can imagine, or not if you’ve graciously followed me on this journey from deaths bed back to health I’ve only spent every waking moment focused, diligently healing daily by walking in love and light in abundance minus the shenanigans.

If these “G Rated” version of the photos and videos I’ve shared look horrific they aren’t half of what I’ve actually endured in real life, months in the hospital.

I’m not gone hold you; but waking up out of that 2-3 month coma I do recall a few significant memories, one being called crazy and delusional a short while back when I share of my experiences.

I understand to most, it only sounds like a movie to those who just don’t understand the daily normal activities within the entertainment business.

Don’t Let the Love Songs Fool You! I have no comment on anyone’s court case, results or anyone else’s business for that matter. I will reserve my comments for my own dire straights situation.

If you haven’t spent time in a coma, 5 surgeries, been on a ventilator for 38 days, intubated, septic, been on dialysis, hand a transplant then you may want to wait for it.

You don’t know the half. I will be speaking on only Al B. Sure! business as my council advises me to do so. *🦻to the real time edit session of @theAlBSurePodcast from Dr. CMM who performed the Transplant surgery & Beyond

See Al B. Sure’s original post below. 

My Spidey Senses are telling me Al B. Sure knew exactly what he was doing with that cryptic message.

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