T-Pain recently said that Chris Brown may have a “princess complex” given his recent social media post about the low album sales of his new album, Breezy.

You may recall Chris took to Instagram and voiced his frustrations writing:

JULY 8th breezy deluxe album 

Not that is matters…



Chris drops album


See his original post below.

Chris Brown reacts to low album sales

T-Pain shared these thoughts on Chris Brown while chatting on Twitch with DJ Akademiks.

Basically, the princess complex is when a young girl grows up In a family or in the surroundings where every day she gets called a princess, she gets called pretty, she is the prettiest girl in the world, blah blah blah blah blah…

The princess complex is when you not only get what you want but you get the accolades of a pretty person for doing absolutely f***ing nothing.

And just being pretty.

The second that the first real mother f***er comes to you and say, ‘Hey, you ain’t that f***ing pretty!’… It’s over!

Breakdown, Twitter outrage, everything.

I’m not saying that he has this, I’m just saying that here is the trills and the trails of it.

If he put out the tweets that I saw, if that was actually him, then yeah maybe there is a lil princess aspect to it.

To where it’s like wtf are y’all doing, I’m supposed to be famous.

Y’all supposed to be my fans.

T-pain did preface his comments by saying that Chris Brown is his man, and they both signed their deals together as teenagers in the same room at the same table at the same time.

Watch the video from Twitch below:

T-Pain’s assessment of Chris Brown has the streets of social media buzzing with many people slamming him for publicly criticizing a “friend.”

One person tweeted:

T-Pain is corny. You don’t publicly denounce a friend like that on the Internet, especially in the industry. What he said about Chris Brown not making changes and blaming people might be true (depends on your view) but to mention a Princess complex is wack.

Another person wrote:

T-Pain got the nerve to call Chris Brown album Breezy a flop there was a time that T-Pain was struggling to be with any artist as he was going through his depression and much more how things wasn’t going his way.

There are also people who agree with the idea that Breezy may have a “Princess Complex.”

One tweet read:

T-Pain said Chris Brown got the Princess complex regarding lack of support for his new album Breezy and I COULDNT AGREE MORE !

Do you think Chris Brown has a “Princess Complex?”