Stephen A. was not entertained by the segment on “First Take” of Quavo and Kendrick Perkins squashing their alleged beef.


The alleged beef started when Quavo decided to interject himself in a dust-up that Kendrick Perkins and Drake had in the 2018 Eastern Conference Semifinal round of the NBA Playoffs (Cleveland Cavs vs. Toronto Raptors, Game 1).

At the time Kendrick was on the Cavs roster, but he was playing more of a veteran leadership role, with limited playing time.

Watch the dust-up below:

In 2018, the Migos and Drake had the hit out “Walk It Talk It,” and Quavo, showing his loyalty to Drake, decided to drop a bar about Kendrick on his solo project on a song called “F*** 12.”

Get no playing time… Kendrick Perkins!

Listen to “F*** 12” below (the KP bar is at the 0:52 minute mark):

In 2019, Kendrick Perkins appeared on “Fair Game” with Kristine Leahy and admitted that the bar on “F*** 12” bothered him.

I almost got into it with Quavo because he tried to put me on a song ‘cause him and Drake real close,. He tried to diss me. … I was like ‘Uhhh, nah. And you need to stick to the Migos instead of going solo. I kind of wanted to fire back because his album flopped. I mean, it was trash. I’m just like, ‘Why is these little dudes coming after me?’ … But then again it goes to show you that people don’t know the game.

Current story:

A now-retired Kendrick Perkins saw a recent opportunity to throw a jab back at Quavo after seeing the Migos perform at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight.

See the Migos ring entrance performance at the fight below:

Kendrick Perkins took to Twitter and trashed Quavo’s performance.

In response, Quavo decided to use a picture of Perkins to do some album promo for the Migos Culture 3 album that drops on Friday (6/11/2021).

Perkins responded to Quavo’s tweet with another jab.

Quavo appeared on “First Take” today to squash the alleged beef. Things got shaky for a minute, but it ended with love. After the interview, co-host Max Kellerman asked Stephen A. if he was entertained by the banter between Kendrick and Quavo, and Stephen A. responded with an emphatic “No!”

Max Kellerman and co-host Molly Querim Rose were surprised by Stephen A.’s answer, and there was an awkward silence in the air for a few seconds.

Stephen A. said he knew nothing about the beef between Kendrick and Quavo, and he had nothing to do with the segment.

See the video below (Stephen A. reaction is at the 12:20 minute mark)

I believe Stephen A. didn’t like seeing two successful black men going at each other on a national stage, even though the beef was squashed and it ended with love there were some intense moments and divisive words exchanged live on the air.

I completely understand Stephen A.’s point because the beef could’ve been settled behind the scenes out of the public eye. The segment came across as an attempt for the network to boost ratings from a celebrity beef.

I did find it odd that Stephen A. said he had no idea about the beef because Molly had been promoting the segment the whole show.

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