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They don’t call him Floyd “Money” Mayweather for nothing, on Sunday night (June 6) Mayweather potentially made $100 million in 24 minutes in an exhibition fight against YouTuber Logan Paul.

Mayweather was guaranteed $10,000,000 for the fight and 50% of the PPV purchases. He will also receive a percentage of the ticket sales.

When all the numbers are in, Mayweather is expected to walk away with $50 – $100 million from the exhibition fight.

In my opinion, the fight definitely did not live up to the hype.

I’m still trying to decide if the Migos and Moneybagg Yo’s ring intro performances were more entertaining than the fight.

Watch the Migos’ and Moneybagg Yo’s intro performances below:


During the fight, Floyd used his regular defensive tactics to feel Logan Paul out, and in the later rounds, Mayweather began to choose his shots.

Logan Paul got a few shots in, but they didn’t appear to hurt Mayweather.

See two of the best punches in the fight below:

Mayweather appeared to carry Logan Paul for eight rounds to make it interesting for the audience. After the fight, both fighters showed a love and a mutual respect for each other knowing they both had secured million dollar bags.

Watch the post fight interviews below:

No winner was declared at the end of the fight since it was an exhibition fight, but anyone that knows about boxing knows Floyd “Money” Mayweather clearly won.

Source: TMZ

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