An 18-year-old Virginia Tech linebacker has been charged with second-degree murder after he beat a man to death who allegedly catfished him on the Tinder hookup app.

Isimemen Etute told police he went to the Blacksburg apartment of 40-year-old Jerry Smith on April 2 to get oral sex from someone named “Angie” he met on Tinder.

Isimemen returned to the same apartment on May 31 for another sexual encounter and was stunned when he discovered the person he thought was a woman was actually a man.

At that point, Isimemen Etute told police he punched Jerry Smith in the face five times and “stomped” on him, but didn’t call the police when he heard Smith “bubbling and gurgling” as he left the apartment.

Police found Smith’s badly beaten body a day later.

An autopsy revealed Jerry Smith died from blunt force trauma to the head. All of the bones in his face were broken and his teeth were missing.

Etute was arrested on charges of second-degree murder on June 2.

Despite being suspended, many of his teammates showed up in court on Wednesday for his hearing. 

Isimemen Etute was released on $75,000 secured bond under the conditions of house arrest and electronic monitoring. 

He will reside at his parent’s home in Virginia Beach until he is due back in court on September 23. 

Etute’s attorney, Jimmy Turk, told reporters:

Nobody deserves to die, but I don’t mind saying, don’t pretend you are something that you are not. Don’t target or lure anyone under that perception. That’s just wrong.

I have questions regarding the first encounter with “Angie”….but, you know what? Nevermind.

Your thoughts?

Source: NY Post