Stephen A. Smith Gets Clowned For His First Pitch At The Yankees Game

Stephen A. Smith has been getting clowned all morning (September 22) by co-workers and celebrities about his first pitch last night at the New York Yankees game.

ESPN has been looping the video on the “First Take” broadcast, which shows an overdressed Stephen A. step up to the mound and throw a pitch that bounces and hits the ground before it makes it to the catcher.

The network is calling it the “imperfect pitch.”

According to Stephen A., he practiced throwing the 60-foot distance from the mound to the catcher on the sideline and claimed he was throwing strikes.

He said when he stepped up on the mound, the 60-foot distance to the catcher looked like the length of a football field (100 yards).

After the imperfect pitch, he put his head down in disgust and walked off the mound.

He told MLB reporters who interviewed him after the pitch that he was disgusted with himself because he felt like he could do better than that, and he admitted that it was a choke job.

Watch the footage below of Stephen A.’s first pitch at the Yankee game courtesy of ESPN (swipe).

Scoop some comments below:

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Watch Stephen A.’s co-workers and celebrity friends clown him in the videos below, and listen to him try to defend his horrible pitch:

It’s a good thing for Stephen A. that they don’t cover much baseball on “First Take.”

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