Stephen A. Smith (YouTube)

As Will Smith celebrates the success of Bad Boys: Ride Or Die topping the box office with $56M, Stephen A. Smith wants to rehash the 2022 Oscars slap of Chris Rock.

According to Stephen A., despite Will’s apology and Chris Rock going on to monetize the mess with his 2023 Netflix stand-up special, “Selective Outrage,” the rapper-turned-box office king still owes the Black community an explanation for his actions.

To support his stance, the “First Take” host went on to itemize all of the people Will affected by “the slap” from Chris Rock’s mental health, to Will Packer (who produced the Oscars), to the comedy community at large. 

Stephen A. Smith also noted that Will Smith did not talk about slapping Chris Rock while doing press for Bad Boys: Ride Or Die.

Why TF would he?!

Watch the clip below.

At this point in the game, I am thoroughly convinced Stephen A. Smith will say and do anything for attention, clicks, and views. 

Because this is giving Uncle Ruckus energy and if he was truly concerned about Chris Rock’s mental health, he wouldn’t be so quick to rehash his “trauma” for YouTube views.

For the record, the only thing Will Smith needs to tell me is are we going to get Bad Boys 5 or nah?

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  1. He owes us nothing but to NOT bring it up Chris Rock was wrong too many times
    He can’t keep a wife let alone talk about somebody else’s wife ! I like Will even more h3 stood up for his woman !

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