Cam’ron Calls Out ESPN's 'NBA Today' Show For Using His Content Without Shouting Him Out

Cam’ron called out ESPN’s “NBA Today” cast on Instagram for using his content and not shouting him out.

Cam’ron and Ma$e recently secured an 8-figure deal for their sports show, “It Is What It Is,” with the popular sports betting platform Underdog Fantasy. 

It Is What It Is” debuted in February 2023 as the first show on Cam’s media network, Come And Talk 2 Me, which he launched with his own money because he got tired of waiting on callbacks from other sports shows.

I have been trying to work with others to be on networks or shows to no avail. I’m 47.

I’m tired of waiting for calls back. I told myself ‘let me take a chance on myself’ and that’s what I did.

In Cam’s IG caption, he called out three members of the NBA Today cast by name and told them that they have been using his content for two days straight and they can at least give him a “lil shout out or something.”

He told them when they borrow content from former NBA player Gilbert Arenas and current NBA player Paul George’s podcasts, they shout them out so “what’s really good?”

Cam also attached a video of the content that the “NBA Today” show borrowed from him.

See Cam’ron’s original IG post below.

Scoop some comments below:

Cam'ron comment 1
Cam'ron comment 2
Cam'ron comment 3

The way Cam addressed this issue shows why his show is so successful. “It Is What It Is” keeps it real, and it has a huge millennial following.

Look out for the following three new shows launching on Cam’s Come And Talk 2 Me network:

  • Come And Talk 2 Me“: A talk show hosted by Cam in which he speaks to guests about personal and professional issues. 
  • Ma$e, Fix My Situation“: Former pastor Mason Durell Betha (Ma$e) uses his spiritual insight and life experience to help guests navigate through “difficulties in their lives.”
  • Es Lo Que Es“: The Latiino version of “It Is What It Is.” The show will focus on Latino-friendly sports topics, hosted by actor Cuban Hunter, popular blogger Loopy, and Fidel Gocio.

Shout out to Cam for creating his own media network.

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Sources:  iHeart and VIBE

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