Viral Golfer Described As ‘Karen On The Golf Course’ Identified As John Reeb

Viral Golfer John Reeb received his viral wings the day he ripped his shirt off and threatened to fight some other golfers on the course, after refusing to give them their ball back.

The incident took place at the Crooked Creek Golf Course in Ottawa Lake, Michigan.

In the video, John Reeb is seen arguing with a group of other golfers on a golf cart about a ball that he allegedly stole from them.

He cursed them out and refused to give them the ball back.

One of the golfers he was arguing with apparently pushed one of his emotional buttons, causing him to vigorously rip his shirt off and transform into The Incredible Hulk.

After the outburst, the golfers realized John was about that action, and they scurried off on their golf cart.

Watch the viral video of John Reeb below:

The golfers reported John to Crooked Creek staff after the incident, and general manager Heather Ryan confirmed that he has been banned for life from the golf course.

Heather said John has also been banned from another golf course she owns, Cherrywood Golf Club, in Ottawa Lake.

The staff at both golf clubs have been given photos of John to ensure he doesn’t enter the clubs.

John reportedly has an extensive criminal history.

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Source: TMZ

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