The incomparable Stephanie Mills took to the streets of social media over the weekend to get a few things off of her chest when it comes to Kanye West and Nick Cannon.

In a 4-minute video posted on her Instagram page, Auntie Steph acknowledged Kanye’s mental health issues, but she still expressed her disappointment in his presidential shenanigans.

She went on to say his presidential run is not helping the black community because – for one – he isn’t qualified for the job and he’s an unnecessary and unwanted distraction.

Stephanie implored him to focus his energy on getting help.

Then, she addressed Nick Cannon and how confused she is by him supporting Kanye’s presidential aspirations.

Stephanie Mills said she saw Nick Cannon in Chicago when they attended Minister Louis Farrakhan‘s service and chastised him saying:

Nick, you should know better because you’ve learned and listened to the teachings. You should know better!

In closing, Stephanie question whether Kanye West and Nick Cannon were being compensated for being a distraction because both of them are acting like “paid slaves.”

Watch the video below:

Auntie Stephanie said what she said!

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