Nick Cannon teased his upcoming conversation with Iyanla Vanzant on his latest podcast, “Counsel Culture.”

She’s going to fix my life,” Nick wrote in the caption of his social media post announcing the new series. 

Nick Cannon & Iyanla Vanzant Discuss Deadbeat Dads

In the clip, Nick, who is a father of 12 children with six different women, said, “The first term I want to is deadbeat dad. I hear that term thrown around about me and many others of men that may not be in your traditional relationship.

Iyanla responded to Nick, “I come out of a nontraditional household. My mother was the other woman. My father lived around the corner with his wife.”

She continued, “For me, a deadbeat dad is one who doesn’t provide provision for his seed. Too many young men are using a gun and their penis as weapons because daddy didn’t give them another model to be.

Watch The ‘Counsel Culture’ Teaser

Do you plan to tune in and listen/watch Nick Cannon’s convo with Iyanla Vanzant on “Counsel Culture?” 

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