Kanye West on 'The Download' Podcast

It appears Drake really may be the Thanos of Hip Hop after Kanye West confirmed he and other rappers collaborated with “excitement” about the “elimination of Drake.” 

Kanye shared the tidbit as a guest on Justin Laboy’s new podcast, “The Download.” 

The controversial rapper was discussing his contribution to the “Like That” Remix when he said:

[Future] called me and I went to the studio and laid that.

We went through the creative process of adding the chords and called the Hooligans out in London to get on the joint. 

Ye added, “Everybody was very, very energized about the elimination of Drake.”

Watch the clip below. 

Folks have taken to their Twitter timelines to react and weigh in on the plot by other rappers to take Drake down.

Read a few tweets below.

What are your thoughts on rappers coming together for the “elimination of Drake?”

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