Cory Hardrict is sick and tired of Kanye West and his shenanigan-filled presidential aspirations!

The actor took to social media to get a few things off of his chest in regards to Kanye’s “clown sh*t” that will have a negative impact on the election in November.

In a post on his Instagram page, Cory shared a photo of Kanye and Trump with the caption:

Stop Playing with US DUDE!!!! Been following this getting my Information in order and Kanye is being used by Trump and the GOP to peel off votes This is Wildly Dangerous!!!!…He will automatically take 3% of the votes from Biden Just being on ballots….This will be Catastrophic for the People come November, also the future of America is in Jeopardy this election!!! Literally life or death for us all….I Will never tell another man what he Can’t do but this is some Clown sh*t Kanye!! Where your Soul at homie?? Oh my bad you sold it!! F**K YOU!!! All your Enablers F**K them too…This is the Devil’s work..??

See Cory’s original post below:

Cory Hardrict blasts Kanye West


You know you have violated on another level when Cory “I Don’t Bother Nobody” Hardrict drags you!

Will you be voting for Kanye?