B. Simone Trends AGAIN – This Time For Her Offensive Remarks About Transgenders

B. Simone is trending on social media again. This time, for her offensive remarks about transgenders and the LGBT community. Get the scoop.

Cardi B Addresses The #CardiBIsOverParty (Video)

Cardi B addresses social media's latest attempt to cancel her after she's accused of slandering other women with a covert Instagram account.

Tom Joyner Trends After Woman Mistakes Him For A White Man (Video)

Legendary radio jock Tom Joyner has been trending on social media all day (June 24) after a Twitter user mistook him for a white man. Get the scoop.

‘Confronted Karen’ Screams ‘I Have A Black Husband’ (Video)

A Karen filled with racist road rage followed, harassed, and called a black man racial slurs. When confronted, she had a meltdown and screamed, "I have a black husband."

Teddy Riley Apologizes To Comedian Tony Baker For Snapping Over A Joke (Video)

Teddy Riley issues an apology to comedian Tony Baker after he snapped off on him in the comments of the Alicia Keys and John Legend's Juneteenth Verzuz Celebration.

NeNe Leakes Fired From ‘RHOA?’ Social Media Reacts

Social media reacts to reports NeNe Leakes has been fired from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Get the scoop and peep the tweets.

Lecrae Responds To ‘White Blessing’ Backlash, Pastor Louie Giglio Issues An Apology (Video)

Lecrae got crucified in the streets of social media after a clip of his "honest conversation about race and church" with Pastor Louie Giglio and Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy went viral.

Meek Mill Catches A Case Of Twitter Fingers In Defense Of B. Simone

Meek Mill is trending on social media after he caught a case of Twitter-fingers in defense of B. Simone, who is accused of plagiarism.

Vanessa Bryant Blocks Kobe & Gigi Fan Pages On Social Media To Help Her...

Vanessa Bryant took to social media on Sunday to announce she has blocked Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant fan pages to help her heal.

B. Simone Blasted For Plagiarizing Her ‘Manifest The Life You Want’ Book

B. Simone is trending on social media again after she was blasted for allegedly plagiarizing a lot of the content in her book, "Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want."