The job of a middle school science teacher who posted a video on social media of his students taking out his braids might be in jeopardy.

The educator, who uses the handle “Thilluminator” posted the video of his students taking out his hair via Instagam and TikTok.

After sparking controversy online, Thilluminator shared another video where he responded to the criticism and offered clarity for those who may have needed it.

In his voiceover, the teacher, who refers to his students as his “best friends,” noted that the beauty salon opened 10 minutes before the end of class on a Friday. 

He also noted that there wouldn’t have been so much discourse surrounding the video if he were a female teacher .

The Instagram caption read:

Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Teaching is a work of heart. Comment your thoughts.

See his post and video below.

Thilluminator is also a content creator and some of his parents sign waivers to allow their children to appear in his videos. 

In addition to taking down his braids, another video shows a student, who he refers to as a future nail technician, painting his nails. 

While responding to a commenter he wrote: 

I support your right to express how you feel. My admin is well aware of my social media presence, my vids, as well as the relationships I have with my students.

Of course if we have visitors I prob wouldn’t do that.

But this was on a Friday…at the end of the day…before dismissal…after work was completed.

I hate that y’all are dragging me down because of what other mfs have done. I’m not sick in the head.

I actually love these kids as if they were my own. I would never do anything that would harm them.

They are also respectful of boundaries.

And I’m the rare case one ever tries to overstep, it is my duty to correct the behavior and not feed into it. I’m a man of morals and ethics.

Unfortunately, the attention the video caused could cost the science teacher his job. 

A Twitter user wrote:

I’m watching this and didn’t even realize that’s my little sister in the background.

She said that he’s her favorite teacher but today they were all forced to write statements and he may get fired…

See the original tweet below.

I’ll reserve my thoughts on whether or not I think teacher having students take out their braids in class is inappropriate. 

But, when you post things online – your intent and the result may not align.

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  1. Continue to do a great job, sir! You make a difference. Don’t allow anything to change you and or the way you reach the students around you.

  2. Please…. Do he actually think we would believe him saying anything other than he’s innocent? It’s not professional!! Deny deny deny….

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