B. Simone is trending on social media AGAIN after she was blasted for allegedly plagiarizing a lot of the content in her book, “Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want.”

Multiple people have outed the social media personality, comedian, and “Wild N’ Out” cast member for straight-up copying and pasting their worksheets into her book without giving them credit.

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Boss Girl Blogger Ell Duclos took to Twitter writing:

Would love for @TheBSimone to STOP taking small content creators’ hardwork and selling it as her own!!!

Disgusting. This is not entrepreneurship. This is PLAGIARIZING.

See her original post below:

But, Elle isn’t the only person B. Simone “borrowed” content from.

Apparently, she gathered some identical inspo from Happiness Planner as well…

After she was outed, B. Simone’s book has been yanked from her site.

B’s manager is blaming the plagiarism on a design company:

But, it’s took late for the 52 fake out!

The streets of Twitter are ablaze and they are BBQing B. Simone!

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Peep the tweets!