Metro Boomin (Via Instagram)

Nothing will come back to haunt you quicker than your old tweets! Metro Boomin is officially on the Twitter Summer Jam screen after his old disturbing and predatory tweets have resurfaced.

The famed producer, who is one of many people currently beefing with Drake, wrote tweets about underage girls, jokes about pedophilia, and forcing women to perform sex acts under the influence of drugs. 

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Some of the tweets were as old as 2010 when the producer was a teenager himself, but they are still disturbing nonetheless.

Clearly, Metro Boomin agrees that the tweets aren’t a good look because he tried to delete them, but he wasn’t quick enough to beat the Screenshot Team.

#MetroGroomin is currently trending on Twitter as folks take to their timelines to share the resurfaced tweets and react to them.

Check out a few tweets below.

Yikes! It appears Metro Boomin may have fallen in the hole he dug for Drake.

What are your thoughts on the tweets?

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