B. Simone is trending and receiving backlash on social media after she stated a man who dates her cannot have a 9 to 5 job.

In case you missed it, watch the clip below, courtesy of “Nick Cannon Mornings:”


The social media personality/comedian/ and “Wild N’ Out” cast member is getting dragged like a dead leg through the streets of Twitter as people reacted to her dating qualifications.

Peep the tweets below:


After her virtual shredding, B. Simone posted a new video on her official Instagram page, filled with her vocal shenanigans as she explained how she manifested the life she wants and there is nothing wrong with a man who works a 9 to 5.

It’s just not what she wants. She also made it a point to promote her new book.


Not the lives people want for you! What do you want!? Manifest that sh*t! Ladies what are you manifesting?? I’m only talking about what I want! It has to be in his mindset, that’s what turns me on! I had a 9-5 and I dated a 9-5 guy because we were like minded…. I elevated now I need my man to elevate with me! LEARN HOW TO MANIFEST BY GETTING MY NEW BOOK?? WE RESTOCKED…. link in bio! We will sell out …. again … good luck ? #ManifestQUEEN #BillionaireB

See the original post and video below:


I have never taken B. Simone seriously enough to care or be offended by the things she says.

What are your thoughts on her latest tomfoolery?

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