So Is The Baby - Man rants on Southwest Airlines flight

“So Is The Baby” is currently trending on Twitter as people react to a viral video of a Black man losing his shizznit on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Apparently, the man had reached his wit’s end after listening to a child cry for 40-45 minutes.

According to the person who shared the video on TikTok, the plane was in a holding pattern near Florida due to weather conditions. 

The clip shows flight attendants trying to calm the man down as he’s screaming and yelling, “I paid for a ticket too to have a f**king comfortable flight! And that child has been crying for 40 minutes!”

The man pleaded with the attendants, “Please stop the baby from crying. PLEASE!”

He added, “If that child was a Black baby, WTF would be happening right now?!”

As the man continues his rant, a flight attendant tells him, “You’re yelling,” and the passenger responds, “SO IS THE BABY!!!” 

The flight attendant retorted, “But, you’re a man!” 

The passenger responded, “Did that motherf**ker pay extra to yell?!” 

The Twitter user who reposted the video added the caption:

I am not part of the community that believes children/babies shouldn’t fly HOWEVER, I do believe certain communities do not properly manage their children in public and I understand why that might drive someone to lose their mind.

The crying baby (which sounds more like a toddler than a baby-baby) magically stops crying halfway through this man’s rant which leads me to believe the people they were traveling with could’ve done more to meet whatever need they were expressing. 

40-45 minutes is excessive.

Watch the viral video below. 

The video has caused “So Is The Baby” to trend on Twitter as people react and weigh in on the viral clip.

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Have you ever been on a flight with a crying baby or child?

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