Jackie Bonds apology

Love Is Blind” Season 4 star Jackie Bonds took to her Instagram account on Tuesday and issued a public apology to her former fiancé Marshall Glaze.

Marshall proposed to Jackie after dating in the pods and they were set to begin their journey to happily ever after.

But, when the couple arrived in Mexico, the relationship took an unexpected detour and ultimately became a cesspool of toxicity.

After Jackie Bonds came face-to-face with her other pod boo, Josh Demas, she decided it was time to find the nearest exit out of Marshallville.

Jackie was colder than a polar bear’s toenails when she broke up with Marshall, decimated his heart, and hit the restart button on her happily ever after with Josh.

While their relationship may have been over…the beef wasn’t.

Jackie received so much backlash for how she handled her relationship with Marshall, that she began putting her efforts into exposing him and destroying his good-guy persona.

Text messages between Jackie and her friends were leaked where she questioned his sexuality and joked about him being a “teapot.”

And she took her final dig at Marshall Glaze during the “Love Is Blind” reunion show when she accused him of calling her a homophobic slur.

Following the reunion, Jackie doubled down on her accusation by releasing more text messages that resulted in her being unfollowed on social media by Tiffany Pennywell and her husband, Brett Brown.

But, after Marshall’s recent interview with Nick Viall was posted, Jackie Bonds appears to be exiting her Villain Era.

Marshall was very respectful when discussing his relationship with Jackie.

He also confirmed that she didn’t cheat on him with Josh, which seemingly prompted Jackie to apologize.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Jackie Bonds wrote:

I would like to start this off by saying I sincerely apologize and take accountability for my actions and words in my relationship between Marshall and I.

I also want to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for Marshall clearing up that I did in fact end the relationship before meeting Josh at the coffee shop.

I understand that it was a quick transition from one relationship to another but this relationship did not start as most do in the real world.

To some it may seem as if it was a quick transition, however there is only a small percent that can be shown on tv and my connection with Josh was much deeper than it seems from a viewers perspective.

I also would like to thank Marshall for taking accountability the derogatory comment that was made off camera.

I would also like to apologize and take accountability for my disparaging remarks as well in those leaked messages.

It was tasteless and disrespectful to speak about anyone that way. It was never a battle between Marshall and I.

I just wanted to clear the timeline of the events that took place as it looked as if I was a cheater and starting one relationship before leaving the other.

I am thankful that Vanessa Lachey allowed me to speak my peace and take accountability for my actions. All I can do is learn and grow from this experience.

Like Marshall said at the reunion we both deserve happiness, peace, and to be able move on from what transpired last year.

Marshall and I have personally apologized to each and also took accountability for our actions and have moved on.

I would also like to apologize and take accountability to the public as it was done on the show for everyone to see.

Actions speak louder than words.



See Jackie’s original post with her apology below.

Awesome! Now, we can officially close the book on “Love Is Blind” Season 4 and let Jackie Bonds, Josh Demas, and Marshall Glaze move forward in their lives.

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