Simone Biles and husband Jonathan Owens via Instagram

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and her husband, Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens are “unbothered” by the backlash he’s receiving for saying he’s “the catch” in their marriage. 

The outcry stemmed from a recent episode of “The Pivot” podcast when co-host Channing Crowder asked, “How in the hell did you pull Simone Biles?

Jonathan admitted that he had no idea who Simone was when they first connected in 2020 on the Raya dating app.

I’m like, ‘Lemme see who this is.’ I never really paid attention to gymnastics, so it piqued my curiosity,” the NFL player admitted. 

Jonathan Owens quickly realized Simone Biles was more notable than he thought. 

The first thing that I saw was that she just had a bunch of [Instagram] followers. So in my mind I’m like, ‘Okay, she’s gotta be good,” he said.

Jonathan explained the reason why he didn’t know who Simone was saying, “When she won the Olympics, I was in college and we didn’t have NBC, we didn’t have Olympics channels, and we were in training camp in late July, early August.

So I’m not paying attention. I never would’ve had a moment where I would’ve watched her compete,” he added.

Simone Biles messaged him first, and they began texting back and forth.

We couldn’t do much, because COVID happened and everything was shut down.”

Jonathan Owens was playing for the Houston Texans at the time.

So she came down to Houston. She lived in the suburbs, so she had to drive about 45 minutes. Then the rest is history,” he said.

Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles got married on April 22, 2023, at the Harris County Courthouse in Houston.

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A few weeks later, they did it big with a second wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

What has the people up in arms is when Jonathan Owens said that he believes that he is the “catch” in his marriage to Simone Biles. 

Watch a clip from Jonathan Owens’ interview on “The Pivot” below.

Social Media Reactions

Some folks immediately reacted in the comment section of the clip posted on Instagram.


Then, some took to their Twitter timelines lines to share their thoughts on Simone Biles and her husband, Jonathan Owens.

Get into a few tweets below.

Simone Biles and her husband Jonathan Owens Are ‘Unbothered’ and ‘Locked In’

While folks font-fight in the streets of social media over their marriage, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are unbothered by the chatter.

Jonathan shared a photo from the couple’s wedding day along with the caption, “Unbothered 😂❤️ Just know we locked in over here 🤞🏽”

Simone matched her man’s energy with a wedding day photo of her own and simply wrote, “mood.”

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