Former NFL Player Channing Crowder Attempts To Explain Why He Called Russell Wilson A "Square"

Channing Crowder and his “The Pivot” podcast co-hosts, Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor, recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club,” and Channing dug himself a deeper hole by standing firm on his opinion of Russell Wilson.

Approximately two months ago, a clip of Channing saying Ciara is only with Russell Wilson because of his money because he is a square.

Channing also said he doesn’t understand how Ciara went from dating Future to Russell Wilson.

Despite his co-host trying to tell him that as a lot of women mature, they want stability, he still wasn’t trying to hear it.

Watch the viral clip below:

Charlamagne recently rehashed the conversation on “The Breakfast Club,” and Channing Crowder did apologize for talking about Ciara in a negative light, but he stood firm on calling Russell a “square.”

Watch the video below:

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