Alicia Keys recently responded to an overzealous fan kissing her on the cheek during her performance in Canada.

The cheek kiss scandal occurred Monday (August 29), while Alicia was performing “Empire State of Mind” at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, one of the stops on her Alicia + Keys World Tour.

Alicia was walking back to the main stage after leaving a smaller satellite stage in the audience when Jane Doe grabs her face, puckers up, and lands a BIG kiss on Alicia’s right cheek.

Being the smooth operator she is, Alicia Keys keeps it player in the moment and continues to head to the main stage while high-fiving fans.

But, when Hollywood Unlocked posted the video footage on Instagram she made sure to slide into the comments to respond to Kissgate.

Watch the video footage below courtesy of Hollywood Unlocked:

Too bad Swizz Beatz and Drake relations aren’t in a good place right now because I’m sure Drake could’ve had the Jane Doe quickly identified and reprimanded.

Your thoughts?

Source: Billboard