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Cousin Skeether, Famous Amos, & Big Groove Drop A Dance Battle Video

The 3 Degrees Of Instagram Dancing, Cousin Skeeter, Ha Ha Davis, & Big Groove, Release A Dance Battle Video

Cousin Skeether, one-third of the 3 Degrees of IG dancing, recently released a hilarious dance battle video of himself, Big Groove, and Famous Amos.

In the video, there is a hype man in the background hyping each dancer up as they step to the front of the camera and get their moves off.

Big Groove starts the video off, followed by Famous Amos, and Skeether is the closer.

It is unknown how this group formed, but they are a dynamic, entertaining trio.

Each member of the group has over 200k followers on Instagram:

  • Big Groove – 288K followers
  • Famous Amos – 857K followers
  • Cousin Skeether – 7.6M followers

Watch Cousin Skeether’s dance video featuring the 3 Degrees below:

Which dance member’s moves resonated with you the most?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram).

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