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Shannon Sharpe is clapping back at those who criticized his interview skills during his explosive conversation with Katt Williams

The NFL Hall of Famer, who has pivoted into the podcasting space with “Club Shay Shay,” has quickly become one of the most popular podcasters with his high-profile guests. 

Not only did his Katt Williams interview break the internet, but it also catapulted Shannon’s podcast into another stratosphere. 

Club Shay Shay” now boasts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and he has 3 million followers on Instagram.

Even with all of the amazing things that have transpired for Shannon due to his interview with Katt Williams – he still wanted to set the record straight and address his critics. 

Dish Nation” co-host Jessie Woo took to Threads and criticized Shannon for not asking real questions: 

Shannon Sharpe had NO REAL QUESTIONS for Katt Williams. 

Katt strategically stroked this man’s ego throughout the interview to SHUT HIM UP so he could get to the business he really wanted to stand on.

Rapper Chika piled on adding: 

Katt literally started what would’ve no doubt been an EXCEPTIONAL conversation about Taraji & how we should listen to our people when they speak up about the wealth disparity in entertainment, and Shannon Sharpe followed with, ‘So, Wild N’ Out…what was that like?’

Terrible interviewer! Great interview.

See the original post below.


While doing his “Night Cap Show” with Ochocinco, Shannon said, “I never said I was a journalist. I never professed to be a journalist. I’m an entertainer.

If you want hard-hitting questions ’60 Minutes’ is the platform for you,” Unc added. 

Shannon also noted that he doesn’t conduct interviews, he has conversations.

Watch as Shannon Sharpe claps back below.

Someone commented on the video writing, “As a journalist, I feel he handled the interview perfectly. This isn’t news. It’s entertainment. I love Shannon’s show. He allows people to be themselves. It’s refreshing.”

There will always be some who find fault in anything you do. 

With 24 million views and counting, Shannon Sharpe should block out the noise and watch the money pile up. 

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