ABC News Live “Prime” anchor Linsey Davis has an exclusive interview with actor Jonathan Majors (ABC News/ Michael Le Brecht II)

Jonathan Majors is ready to talk. The actor will give ABC News his first interview since being found guilty of reckless assault and harassment last month.

On December 18, a Manhattan jury found the 34-year-old actor guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Marvel Entertainment swiftly dropped Jonathan from his recurring film and TV role of “Kang the Conquerer.” 

Jonathan is slated to be sentenced on February 6, 2024, and more than likely will not receive jail time. 

First Look At Jonathan Majors’ Exclusive Interview

ABC News anchor Linsey Davis‘ interview with Jonathan Majors will debut on “Good Morning America” on Monday, January 8. 

Additional interview segments will run on GMA3, and an extended version of the interview will run on Lindsey’s ABC News Live program “Prime” later that day. 

Basically, ABC is about to milk this thang all day long. 

Watch the first-look teaser for Jonathan Majors’ exclusive interview with ABC News below.

Katt Williams Weighs In

During his recent interview with Shannon Sharpe, Katt Williams weighed in on Jonathan Majors’ fall from grace and shared why he doesn’t date white women.

I didn’t want to get with a white woman because I was scared she might have me running down the street like Jonathon Majors.

Not because I didn’t like white women, I think white women are as great as any other women.

But I’m not gon’ act like I’m not scared of them… I have a reason to be scared.

You can be Kang The Conquerer and they can take your rabid a— down in two weekends.

And that’s the truth of the matter. I stayed away from that.

You saw that black woman come get his charges cut in half?

Thank you Meagan Good. God bless you comin’ to save that slave. If he had to be there by himself, he was getting all four.

She came in there so beautiful they had to knock half of it off.

Maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist, but I thought that Katt Williams said ‘Anytime they make you into that position, part of that contract is, you do understand whenever we want to take you down we can.’

They went around the world for two years straight tellin’ any woman that would listen that this was a good-looking brother.

Since when? When did y’all start liking a big nose? When did y’all like a little head and a big jaw? When? Since when?

He look like my daddy? When y’all start liking my daddy?

You like Black people’s features like that?

If this ugly n— is good-looking then all n— is good-looking!

Anytime you see something you can’t believe understand it’s a play.

Watch the clip below.

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