Sexxy Red and Jess Hilarious via YouTube

“SkeeYee” rapper Sexyy Red made Jess Hilarious apologize for sneak dissing her during her visit to “The Breakfast Club” on Friday.

Shortly after the interview began, Jess, who is a regular guest co-host on the morning show, said when she tried to greet Sexyy she made it known that she does not mess with her.

Well, when you came in here I spoke to you and the first thing you said…no, you can at least look at me,” Jess said after Sexyy Red turned her head in the opposite direction.

Sexyy Red via YouTube

You ain’t got to mess with me, but you can look at me,” Jess added.

Jess Hilarious went on to talk about her awkward exchange with Sexyy Red.

I spoke to her and she, ‘I don’t mess with you, Jess. And I said, ‘Why?’ She said cuz you be sneak dissing.

I said all right tell me what’s wrong. Tell me about it. What’s up?

Sexyy Red simply responded, “I don’t mess with you.” 

The “Pound Town” rapper declined to go into detail about when or what Jess said about her that she felt like was a diss, but Sexyy noted that she sees “everything.” 

She added, “I just don’t like being brought up especially when people talking s— and all that.”

Jess began copping pleas saying that she’s never talked bad about Sexyy Red or disrespected her and she listens to her music. 

I’ve seen you on here talking about me before. So, y’all trying to play crazy,” the rapper added.

Sexyy tried to move on saying, “Once somebody rubs me wrong…

She also added that she didn’t know Jess Hilarious was going to be the guest host during her visit. 

Every time Jess attempted to ask Sexyy Red a question she would ignore her until she finally asked, “Can you apologize to me first?!

Jess Hilarious issued a proper apology saying: 

Sexxy, I apologize for offending you in any way. I do not have beef with you.

I just don’t agree with everything you do and say.

But, I love you as an artist. I love you as a woman. Period. 

Watch the super awkward exchange between Jess Hilarious and Sexyy Red below.

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