Lil Meech - Summer Walker - Jess Hilarious

Lil Meech and Summer Walker pulled up on Jess Hilarious in the streets of Instagram and aired her out in response to her commentary about them.

Jess, who has been a regular on “The Breakfast Club,” discussed Summer DM’g a girl who was seen on Instagram wearing Lil Meech’s infamous BMF chain.

During her commentary, Jess said:

He cheating on you and I think he needs to keep cheating on you! 

Cause that’s how we get the best Summer Walker music! 

Jess Hilarious went on to say:

I just hope she don’t give Meech no baby.

That’s what happens when you mess with a deli smelly n***a tho.

When they smell…something gets a little fishy.

Watch the clip below.

Lil Meech didn’t take too kindly to Jess rehashing the online rumors that he has a lil aroma.

So, he wasted no time taking to his Instagram account to blast Jess Hilarious by posting DMs she’s sent to him.

The first DM, dated December 21, 2021, read, “ I am so proud of you!! You’re made for this s**t and to do so much more after this.” 

The second DM, dated February 26, 2023, read, “Hey are you still in Baltimore?”

Lil Meech captioned his post, “How I Stink But This Unstable Creature @jesshilarious_official In My DMs Trying To Get Chose? I See Why U Mad Now😂😭This Is A Crazy World We Live In🤦‍♂️”

See Meech’s original post below.

Summer Walker, who is standing 10 toes down with the “BMF” star, jumped in the comments to add, “That’s so sad. thirsty ass girl must have caught amnesia .. worried about my dm’s & forgot about these.”

Meech added, “I guess she like musty n***as.”

But, the tomfoolery didn’t stop there. 

Summer Walker took to her Instagram Story to get a few things off of her chest about Jess Hilarious.

The “No Love” singer wrote:

Jess your really a weird a** b**ch what black woman hopes another black woman keeps getting cheated on lol like huh? That’s dar. & then congratulates a man, tries to like with him n turns right around a short time later to say he stink. Have you even met either one of us? I understand you wasn’t nobody first choice on that show but this isn’t how you try to solidly your spot. Like you JUST missed being a n***a by a chromosome lord forgive me but damn! You’d think being so ugly you’d try to e sweeter. Being ugly in & out isn’t a good combination & will NOT get your far in this industry.

See Summer’s original post below.

Summer Walker - Jess Hilarious

I have a few questions for you….

Do you think Jess Hilarious was actually trying to holla at Lil Meech or was she trying to be supportive and befriend him?

Was Jess Hilarious out of line for her commentary on Meech and Summer Walker or was she simply trying to keep radio interesting and saying what everyone else is saying?

What are your thoughts on Summer Walker’s romance with Lil Meech?

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