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Nicki Minaj Recalls How DJ Envy Went From Blackballing Her To Selling ‘Busted Houses’

Nicki Minaj and DJ Envy via Instagram

Nicki Minaj took to the streets of Twitter to recall how DJ Envy of “The Breakfast Club” went from proudly blackballing her music on Power 105.1 to selling “busted houses.”

Remember in 2018, DJ Envy stood in solidarity with DJ Self after he encouraged all New York deejays to stop playing Nicki’s music because of a personal issue between them.

The Pink Friday 2 rapper never forgot.

She took to Twitter and wrote:

Remember how cocky dj envy was when he was saying he black balls my music on the radio?

Ask yourself how a DJ could get away w/that behavior.

Then I remember him selling them busted houses & I have to laugh…

We prayed, envy

1 by 1… God will show y’all that you are NOT GOD.


See Nicki Minaj’s original tweet below.

DJ Envy reacted to Nicki Minaj’s tweet during Friday’s episode of “The Breakfast Club.

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