Jess Hilarious set the record straight on how she found out Kountry Wayne wasn’t legally divorced, while they were dating, on Charmaine Bey’s new show, “Talks & Tattoos.”

Jess said she never really wanted to date a comedian, but Wayne pursued her and swept her off her feet.

He popped up at her comedy show in West Palm Beach, Florida, on his birthday (December 9) with flowers in hand, and at the end of her show, he walked on stage and said:

I want you! I told you this… This is what I told you, I told you I’m going to wait for you.

I told you that I didn’t want you to cheat on that man. I wanted to get you the right way.

Jess had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and she was fully aware that Wayne had a crush on her for two years, prior to his pop-up.

She said she was “wowed” by his pop-up and they started dating from that point on.

Two months later, he flew her to Puerto Rico, and on the third day in Puerto Rico, she woke up and found out that he was still legally married on social media.

Watch the video below:

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